Preparing Your Home
for an Open House

Preparing Your Home for an Open House

Found a great listing broker? Check.

Have the home listed and priced competitively? Check

Hold an open house to better market the property to potential buyers?  FULL STOP

Holding an open house is just one component of the comprehensive marketing plan developed by your listing broker.  An open house is a great way to have potential buyer’s tour your home in a casual format. And while the mere thought of several dozen people poking through your belongings is unnerving, open houses have to happen in order to provide the greatest amount of exposure to potential buyers.

What you’ll need to do to prepare:

  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but you’ll seriously need to de-clutter your home. Buyers need to imagine themselves and their stuff in the home, so removing your family pictures, cheerleading trophies, or your Lladro collection is key.

  • Deferred Maintenance. You’ll need to repair, or have repaired, all of the leaky faucets, loose doorknobs, faulty light switches, and burnt out light bulbs. Consider hiring someone to do a deep cleaning, including carpet cleaning, to neutralize odors, and make your home shine. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will also de-personalize a home, and make it easier for a buyer to look at the home objectively.

  • In addition, your broker may also suggest hiring a professional staging company so that your home will looks it’s best to potential buyers. A professional stager will move around your furniture to give the rooms a more spacious look, and perhaps add color or current décor to the home.

  • Set the table! Make it easy for buyers to imagine themselves celebrating a special event in your home by setting the table with your best china, and fresh table linens.

  • Organize and straighten-up your closets and drawers. A messy or jammed closet or drawer gives the impression that there’s not enough storage space, and no one wants to buy a home with limited storage. Make your closets and drawers feel more spacious by re-folding, re-hanging, re-organizing.

  • Enhance your curb appeal. Pull those weeds, sweep the front walk, and break out the patio furniture. All of those little things add up to a big difference in the eyes of a buyer.

  • In the interest of safety, and to prevent theft, make sure you take jewelry, cash, prescription drugs and firearms from the home prior to the open house.

  • Please make sure that the trash is taken out prior to leaving, and that there are no errant glasses, cups or food left around the home.  Make sure everything is neat and tidy before you leave.

  • Make plans to leave the home at least an hour before the open house, and return an hour afterwards. Your listing broker will need this time to set-up the house and signs, and prep his team for the open house.  As much as you have good intentions to hang around to “answer questions” during the open, buyer’s don’t feel comfortable looking around a house, opening doors and testing the toilets with the current owner in the house.

Rest Assured:
  • Your listing broker will require that all visitors in your home sign in, and provide either an email or phone number so that they can be contacted should anything go missing.·
  • Your listing broker will ensure that there is plenty of staff working at your open house so as to minimize looky-loos going through your personal items
  • Your listing broker will ensure that everything in your home is left in the same, or better, condition than when you left

Your listing broker will help you in every way possible to have your home make a great impression on potential buyers. Contact The Braden Team today to get a competitive market analysis on your home, and find out how we can help you get your home listed and sold in today's competitive market.

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